Barriers FOR success

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My son sleeps on the top bunk with a barrier on the side; he has never fallen out of any bed he has slept in. My daughter sleeps on the bottom bunk that doesn’t have a barrier, she regularly falls out of bed.

When you go bowling (yes bowling still exists!) there is an option to raise the barriers to prevent gutter balls, this makes bowling a bit more fun for those who are learning.

Roads often have guardrails between lanes or on the edge between the road and the cliff.

In most project design and launches, there is a step which includes identifying the barriers to success or to the project. Maybe we should also be asking “What are the barriers for success?” or “What are the guardrails and barriers that increase our chances of success?”

Photo by Karla Rivera

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  1. Sedick Toffa

    Barriers could be phsycological, lack of confidence in taking responsibility for the perceived end result


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