Everyday Improvement

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Change, Ideas, Learning

It has been said that many of the great athletes across all sports practice longer and more frequently than others.

In some call centres, everyone has a mirror on their desk to remind them that the facial expressions they exhibit is how the caller experiences them.

Many authors have a habit of writing everyday; some talk about a ‘crappy first draft’ which needs to be written before the real book can be created.

Some podcasters started out by recording themselves talking for 5 minutes everyday to understand how they sounded to their audience (it was similar to the call centre mirror). Others took improv classes.

The great thing about all of these, except perhaps the improv classes, is they all basically free. All can likely be done with the phone in your pocket; we can video ourselves using our camera app, record ourselves using the voice memo app, and write using the notes or email app.

By doing it everyday, we will improve just like the athletes who practice everyday. And yes practice takes time and effort, but without it how will we improve? Practice doesn’t guarantee superstar status, only a minuscule small number of people actually achieve this. And yet, practice is still the only way to improve. For many areas of our lives, we don’t need fancy equipment, we need to decide to do it and pick ourselves.

The choice is yours.

Photo by Jordan Sanchez


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