Edges and Middles

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Change |

Sometimes instead of going directly against the culture “swimming against the current”, it’s better to get out of the mainstream by getting to the edges. The trick in change management is connecting the edges to the middles.

But maybe we don’t need to do that immediately. And perhaps there are multiple ways to make the connection – bridges, tunnels, dams, and so on.

If we stay swimming against the main current of the culture by ourselves, we will likely become exhausted. Perhaps it’s time to go to the edge and find others similar to us (People like us, do things like this…) to join with in creating the change we want to see.

Perhaps together we can open a new way of seeing, which the mainstream in the future can be directed. Perhaps by finding our ‘others’ we can rest a bit.

Edges and Middles are terms borrowed from the amazing Sue H.

Photo by Christian Erfurt


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