Attention is finite and so the world is noisy as we shout at each other louder and louder. We are so eager about how great we are, how amazing our accomplishments are, how we are the answer to the dreams or questions others have. Spam is not only a phenomenon of email, it happens in person too.

There is another approach, a more generous one, an approach practiced by Seth, Bernadette, Kim, Sue, Natalia, Robert, J.D., LeeDavy, Kerri, and countless others. It’s a bit quieter, a bit gentler, but a hundred times more brave, more passionate, more ambitious. There is much less beating of chests; more gentle confidence in who they are.

it is mostly “Here I made this;” and “Here this is what I am learning;” and “Here these are some questions I ask myself that seem to help, perhaps they will help you;” and “Here, pull up a chair, have a coffee and let me hear your story.”

How we engage with the world, with our colleagues, with our customers is a choice we make everyday. I know which group I aspire to be like.

Photo by Rachel


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