What if “going digital = getting out of the way”?

by | Jul 28, 2019 | ICT4D |

What if going digital meant getting out of the way? What if it meant being able to create systems and processes that allowed those affected by a crisis to use their normal support structures, regular shops, and so on?

What if it wasn’t about ’empowering’ people because they actually already have the power? What if we could get out of the way, if we didn’t need to be acknowledged or recognised, branded? What if we were more interested in positive impact in people’s lives than tracking them? What if we actually trusted the people we are seeking to assist?

How would we behave that is different from today? Would our focus be different from today? Would our metrics of success be different?

After all, where we are today is due to choices we make based on our values and worldviews. But they are choices, so we can always make a different choice.

Photo by Lili Popper


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