Fixing Bad Choices

by | Aug 11, 2019 | Change |

Decisions rarely are permanent, even bad ones. Most decisions we can change with time and money; and we can always learn from them. We can’t ‘undo’ them as they were chosen and have impact on us, others, our teams, our families, etc.

When we are making decisions, especially big life or team decisions, it can be useful ask what it would take to ‘fix’ the choice if it turned out to be the wrong choice. If it’s money, then prepare for that and remember that money is usually something you can get back or get more of. If it’s time, then consider if you have the time to give to it or if it is wiser to figure out a way to test the choice before moving ahead because time is finite and you can’t get more of it.

Change is full of trade-offs; time and money are often big factors in these trade-offs. Change is also full of choice – little and big choices everyday. Sometimes it can be incredibly useful to do a pre-mortem especially when time is a big requirement of a choice or of ‘fixing’ a bad choice.

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