Uncertainty Overload

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Change |

Uncertainty is a part of life. Sometimes there are moments in our lives and projects when the level of uncertainty reaches the overload level. While most of try to control our lives to the point we don’t reach overload, we still have moments of it.

If we expect the uncertainty and the overload, then when it comes we can name it easier and it begins to lose its power. If we expect it, we can actually prepare for it. If we expect it we can think about what we will do when it comes.

Within uncertainty it is often most helpful to take a step in one direction as it is in the stepping that things become more clear. Movement is critical in the uncertainty, without it paralysis takes over and the feeling of powerlessness descends.

“What can we do now?” is helpful question to ask ourselves and our teams in uncertainty.


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