They say curiousity killed the cat, but…

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Change |

Being curious is likely one of the most underrated traits or skills of people seeking to bring about change in organisations. Being curious persuades us to observe, to listen, to ask questions; it helps us put into practice the old adage “Walk a mile in their shoes”. Being curious helps us to understand how the organisational culture works, is maintained. It helps us understand why we are resistant, what our fears are, how our identity is attached to the way things currently are.

Being curious allows us to tell better stories that connect with people where they are. It allows us to build trust with others, with the culture we are working to change. It allows us to tell stories about what will remain the same and what will change. It allows us to go beyond rationality, facts, and figures, and connect with emotions.

And when we do, when we build trust through how we connect with people, the culture begins to shift drip by drip by drip and people who did things like that, now become people who do things like this.

Photo by Bing Han


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