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by | Sep 6, 2019 | Change, ICT4D |

Asking people to rate themselves, their teams, their organisation is bound to cause some inner angst. We tend to believe their is a right answer and don’t want to get it wrong. We tend to want to understand the rating system- what is the scale, what does each number mean. 

Ratings are subjective. Trip advisor works this way, so does eBay, Airbnb, and all comments/feedback platforms.  We gather perspectives from others, people come with expectations and experiences and interact with our services and products and then judge us on how well we met their expectations. 

When expectations are met, we get a good review. When they are not, we don’t. 

And yet, ratings can be useful if you are willing to engage in a discussion. If you are willing to ask why and genuinely listen. You don’t have to agree; that is not the point, the point is to listen and to try to understand another perspective. 

We can use this in thinking and making decisions about data and going digital. We all will have opinions and perspectives about the benefits, risks, and threats of going digital and collecting data. This should be expected AND encouraged. If we ask our teams to rate the benefits, risks, and threats AND the likelihood of each occurring, all of our ratings will be subjective but it enables us to have a rich discussion. And surely that is what we need more of. 

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