Wobbly Teeth and Tooth Fairies

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Change |

Our house is in the era of wobbly teeth and tooth fairies. Our son can’t stop playing with his currently wobbly tooth. Fingers in mouth, tongue pushing it around, and so on. The latest tooth is so close to falling out, he can spin it around. Previous teeth have come out through bashes with another child or with lots of blood. And yet, last night he had a different worry in the middle of the night. “Dad, if my tooth falls out in the night and we can’t find it, what will I tell the tooth fairy?”

Yes, my son is more worried about the tooth fairy than swallowing teeth, blood, or other things. Fair enough, he’s 6, but it’s not what I was expecting to have to deal with at 2am!

And yet, we’re not that different are we? When we or our teams are in the midst of change, we all have things we worry about. And like wobbly teeth, they are hard to ignore. We ‘play’ with them all day. And even when they are things visible to others, what we worry about may be unexpected.

So what’s your wobbly tooth? And are you worried about the tooth fairy?

Photo by Daniel Kempe


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