Again, who decides?

by | Dec 10, 2019 | ICT4D |

When we go digital, there are always trade offs to wrestle with. At one point, choices will need to made about security, protection, privacy versus utility. We can’t have it all as some things are actually opposed to each other in different contexts. The more secure we want or need to be the slower our implementation will be. The greater importance we put on privacy the fewer use cases will can operate in. And so on.

Therefore, decisions need to be made. And are made all the time. No digital product or service ever gets built without these decisions being made. The question to consider is by whom? Do you make the choice? Does your boss? Your technology provider? Your IT department? The people with whom you are working? Who decides?

It’s not always a straightforward decision and frankly it will vary by context. At minimum, the choices should be made by people in the context where the technology will be used. Ideally, the decisions should be made with the involvement of those we seek to serve (community members, not just organisational staff). It is good to have a diverse group of people making the decision together.

The choice is not easy. And the choice of how to make the decision is not easy. But the choice is up to us.



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