We need better stories

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Change |

Clear stories and messages win the day. They may not be the ‘best’ story or message, but clarity resonates. And when that clear message connects the ‘listener’ to a positive historical narrative AND something bigger than themselves and the storyteller, it is even more powerful.

However, one of the challenges of short, clear messages is that they do not mean one thing. They are interpreted to mean different things to the teller and the listener. This is why slogans are important and powerful. They tend to be memorable, allow the ‘many’ to resonate or connect with it. And, while being ‘clear’, they can be woven into many other stories as a positive influence.

But it is also the challenge of complex issues. Complex issues are full of trade offs and slogans don’t work consistently for all the trade offs. Change is complex and a one size fits all slogan approach doesn’t work.

We need better stories.

Photo by Nick Fewings


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