The Snowman

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Change |

“The Snowman” is a classic story here in the UK. Around Christmas it fills theatres, bookshops, TV stations, cards, and so on. It’s been retold countless times, had spin off versions created with Snow Dogs and Grandmas. It is a wonderful story loved by children and adults alike.

The thing is, it has no words. The original story was a set of images telling a story. Even some of the TV adaptions do not have words. And yet, even today, it is loved, no adored, by millions of people.

The even more interesting fact is that even without words there is a lot of consistency about how the story is told.

For me, this is fascinating because it is a wonderful story, powerfully told, and without words. Therefore, I wonder how can we tell stories about our work in ways that run deep and connect with people. It seems possible, but requires effort and desire.


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