Seven Generations

by | Dec 26, 2019 | ICT4D |

“What’s your plan for what you want it to look like in 7 generations from now? How is what you do today, going to impact 7 generations from now?”

I didn’t have an answer. It was a much, much longer timeframe than I had considered. As we talked more, I saw how a much longer time horizon changes what I do today.

This was the direct opposite to a different conversation a few years back. In that one, the person told me how organisational strategy and planning was dead. “It’s hard to see what going to happen in 3 months time, let alone 3 years. So why bother, it is a waste of time.” Similarly to the above mentioned conversation, as we talked more, I saw how a shorter time horizon changes what I do today.

Interestingly, both views call themselves ‘organic’.

Both approaches can be beneficial when applied in appropriate situations. Both can valuable in crisis situations, just very differently. Knowing which one to apply is the tough part. And yet, my sense is that within our current world and within our techno-centric view of the world, the 7 generation view is most lacking. And perhaps most needed.

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