Crisis and Humanity

by | Dec 27, 2019 | ICT4D |

What is a crisis for me, may not be one for you. Seems simple, but it is often forgotten. Being able to identify with a person in crisis, not dismiss them or their feelings, is approaching empathy.

We may be able to ‘see’ seven generations, but sometimes we and others can’t. Sometimes what we need is simply enough light for the next step.

For many of us we know the love of family and friends. And this time of year is wonderful; full of joy, celebration, and dreaming of the next year. However, for many of us this time of year is an extra reminder of our loneliness, our hurt, our pain, and dreading the next year. Suicide and abuse rates soar at this time of year.

And yes, technology can help; but it can never replace the human touch. The acceptance of another human. The love of another human. While I love technology, it can not look me in the eye and make me feel ‘seen’. It can not tell me I matter. It can help connect two humans, but not replace.

Crisis Hotline and many organisations exist to help especially this time of year. The more we can spread the word the better. And quite frankly, donate to your local version of them so they can continue to exist.

Photo by Sydney Sims


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