Rhythms and Patience

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Change, ICT4D |

The house we moved into has an Esse Iron Heart. It’s like an Aga but a different brand. It is our oven, hob, boiler and source of heating, all in one. And consumes wood as its fuel source. There is nothing digital about it.

It is taking a while to learn the new rhythms around it. In order to get the ‘oven’ part hot enough for cooking, we need to put wood in hours before we want to start cooking. Different types of wood impact the fire and heat differently. Everything seems to cook differently in it. And there is nothing instant about it.

Our rhythms are changing. However, it is not without frustrations and a few last minute meals of cereal or peanut butter sandwiches. There are parts of the changing rhythms which are enjoyable. There are parts that are not.

Some of our frustration is brought on when we behave in the ‘old’ way and expect the same result. When we haven’t adapted our expectations to the ‘new’ rhythms. This is not surprising nor unexpected, it is part of the change. As friends said recently, “Give yourselves a couple months and I’m sure you’ll have the new rhythm sorted out.” It was a good reminder to have patience.

And while our current change is completely not digital, the reminder of the role of patience is relevant to a digital world. Going digital involves changing rhythms of life and work. This takes, no requires, time. It will not be instant. And yes, people will be frustrated at times because they are trying to use digital in analogue ways, but this should be expected. And when it happens, it’s not because people are stupid, ignorant, or backwards; it’s because they are human.

And now I’m off to check the fire…

Photo by Jens Johnsson


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