Clarifying What is the Short Cut

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Change, ICT4D, Ideas |

The tech is the easy bit. It’s a phrase I utter often in conversations to try to help people move on from fixating on the technology. Most of the time I’m trying to get them to define what the problem they are trying to solve, their requirements, and to consider the other aspects of cultural change needed for success. The assumption is that clarifying the problem, the requirements and the change process is much harder than building or selecting technology.

The same applies to legal. Especially when it comes to data sharing. However, similar principles applies. The legal bit is the easy bit if, and it is a big if, if we are clear on what problem we are solving and what we are wanting to do (requirements). In both cases, context also matters.

Clarifying the what before debating the why is essential. It seems so basic. Common sense. And yet, everyday we jump to the how first.

Clarifying the what. Really clarifying the what is the hard part. Do it anyways. It is the short cut you have been looking for.

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