Fortune Favours the Brave

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Ideas

Often I understood this to mean people taking big risks, people doing scary things, and so on.

And yet, I’m realising another interpretation is people showing up, each day, figuring out where to step next. People showing up, not hiding. Showing up with their whole selves. People, not without fear, but with fear and still showing up, bringing what they made to the world. People showing up and doing the work, the hard work.

And yes, when you show up each day to your craft, with yourself, you get better. And yes, fortune favours you.

And just like ‘brave’ may not be what we think it is, ‘fortune’ may also be defined differently. It is not always riches and celebrity, fortune may be something else completely that you can only ever discover by being brave and showing up to the yourself and the world every day.

The choice is yours and fortune awaits.

Photo by Ethan Hu


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