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Every Friday, we have supper club with another family. It’s often a bit crazy as everyone is tired at the end of the week, but it also delightful. It’s my son’s favourite part of the week. And if we have to change the day or cancel, he is distraught. Sometimes during the week, my wife or I see a member of the other family. If our son hears about it, he gets upset. He feels he has missed out.

The fear of missing out. We all experience it at times, some more than others. It’s often worse when we are younger. For some, as we age it turns into WTMO – the ‘want to miss out’.

But here’s the thing. We always are missing out. There is always things going on that we aren’t and can’t be a part of. Social events, experiences, work conversations, and so on. We can not be everywhere all the time. We are finite.

And the other thing. Influence doesn’t happen just by being physically somewhere. We need to show up, are present and are generous. When we consistently show up being fully present and generous with those who are there, we are remembered. We are seen. We become listened to and sought out.

We will still miss out. But even the biggest celebrities, youtube stars, are not known by everyone on the planet. Still less than 10% for biggest.

We will always be missing out. So we have choice. We can be present in the situations we find ourselves. We can be present with the people we are with. This time next year or 5 years from now, it’s unlikely we will regret being present and being generous.

Photo by Stefan Vladimirov


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