Kindness on a Grand Scale

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Ideas |

I find myself reading many articles about social distancing at the moment. As an introvert, there is a part of me that is secretly smiling and saying ‘welcome to the light!’ Additionally, I’ve worked from home for over 10 years now, so not much changes for me. Expect, of course, if they shut the schools and the kids are at home…

This article has some interesting simulations about social distancing. As a visual learner, I found the bouncing balls very helpful (and very mesmerising!). It did make me wonder about the people who deliver our post and our online purchases. I wonder if they should be represented as super actors in these models. Food shops are like magnets and delivery people the hoppers. I don’t know how these things get factored into these models, but it’s definitely a feature of society which was not present in the bubonic plague.

For me the interesting thing about social distancing is that it is asking us to do something to help us on a grand scale. It is asking the vast majority of us who are healthy, to change our behaviour for a while to benefit those who are vulnerable. Even when we are not sick. In fact, it works best if we do it as a preventative measure long before we are sick.

It is an act of kindness on a grand scale. And it is fascinating to watch it play out.

P by Simon Rae

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  1. Jolande Koole

    Fascinating times indeed Amos!
    Let us be kind:)


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