Transferrable thinking

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Transferrable thinking doesn’t come naturally to us, but often when it starts ideas explode. When we think about a room as just that, a room, without giving it functional attachments, it opens up our thinking. So if it not a bedroom but a room, it can be used for many purposes.

In thinking about hospitals and health care these days, I’ve been exploring issues of space, supply chain, staff, and communication. It’s hard to break out of my mental models, but discussions with some experts have been fascinating. In the end, a hotel is a building with lots of rooms, so are schools. So perhaps there is value in turning schools into birthing units staffed with midwives, while hotels are used for other types of care. Does this allow a hospital or a part of it to be turned into a giant ICU?

But that is not what it is for. You are correct, but it still can be used in that way. Setting aside our egos, our mental models and seeing opportunities is critical now.

And to all those working in and around health care right now, I am eternally grateful for the work you do.

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