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by | Apr 4, 2020 | ICT4D |

…might not work or be relevant now. I see so much guidance about training and information sharing around Covid-19. 99% of it begins with some sort of face to face training of staff members, community members, health care workers. I find this odd especially as part of the training and information provision is about physical distancing.

Our model of training and cascading knowledge to others doesn’t appear to have adjusted to the new reality. In an era of school shut down, working from home, universities going virtual – all following the COVID-19 global guidance. I would have expected that the guidance for training community health workers in the world’s most vulnerable communities would take this into account. Apparently not.

So we’re translating. Figuring out how to take the content and deliver virtually. And no an app won’t solve this. Well it will for some people, but less than 50% of the community health workers have smartphones (and data). Around 20% don’t even have a basic phone. So an app won’t save us. SMS can help for sure, but we still have people without phones.

Oh and just in case it isn’t clear. We need creatives, artists, educators, musicians, thespians, more than ever now. The industrial assembly line machinery and thinking will never get us out of this situation; the creatives will. The creatives will help us to think differently, to see possibility where we can’t, to dance and improvise our way through. We need you more than ever.

Photo by Fernando Jorge


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