Not Characteristics of a Robot

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Identity |

‘You didn’t tell me to put away my hoodie!’ My defiant son looks at me in the eyes as he makes his statement. Technically he is correct. I didn’t asked him to put away his hoodie. It was the one piece of clothing in the pile at the bottom of the stairs that I didn’t explicitly mention. He took me literally.

And I’m sure there are many readers who can relate to this behaviour. Perhaps some of us can remember times when we uttered those words. I certainly can. 🙂

My son is 6. However I fear the behaviour he exhibited (typical for a 6 year old) is the direction our societies are headed as we seek to control and survey everyone’s moments. We don’t gain as a society, we revert and become more immature.

The opposite of course is to provide information and trust. The opposite is to help others grow, mature. We need to help each other ‘think’ for ourselves and not be told what to do every step of the way. Otherwise we create a culture of fear and eventually robots.

It’s not the digital and electronic robots we need to fear. We need to fear turning ourselves into robots that will be our undoing. And one of the best ways to resist this is to be kind, caring, compassionate, full of grace and unbelievably generous. Those are not characteristics of a robot.


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