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by | Apr 21, 2020 | Change, ICT4D |

The time we are living in is raising many questions. We need to continue asking questions, more questions, better questions.

Working with digital technologies forces me everyday to figure out how to ask better questions. This is partly because digital technologies are like shiny toys that everyone thinks they want. But also, because digital is often about change. And often the answers are within us, we either need help to find them or the courage to say them out loud.

Good questions help. They help far beyond technology. And so I thought I’d share a few that I find helpful. I have them scribbled in notebooks, on the wall, on my desk, especially when I’m wrestling with a gnarly issue. One day I might even make them into post cards to use in workshops.

I hope they help you. And I’d love to hear the questions you ask yourself or others that aren’t on this list. (And yes, I am aware there are a couple questions that repeat, this is intentional as I find they are helpful to ask more than once).

Photo by Andre Mouton


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