Everything’s Chewable Now

by | May 17, 2020 | Change |

Everything is a chew toy now – the chair and table legs, my big toe, my thumb, shoes, blankets, even the laptop has been licked.

Putting on socks is now a tug of war between the hopeful sock wearer and the dog. Walking is precarious as often a creature is between our feet. And anyone found lying down will be licked and likely sat on.

We’ve had more squeals of delight and smiles of pure joy in the last 24 hours than we’ve had in weeks.

Our perspective has changed. Life looks and is experienced differently. We are ‘seeing’ differently. And also having to change routines (early morning walks) and change locations of things (recycling bins have good smells for a puppy!).

This can happen with a puppy, but also when a new person joins our team or when we introduce new technology and ways of working. The ‘old’ is given a fresh perspective highlighting both positive things as well as things which perhaps should have been changed years ago.

Hearing and listening to the new or different perspective can be challenging. And yet it is the most important skill we can develop in ourselves and our teams.


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