Built for this time

by | May 31, 2020 | ICT4D |

My Mom spent the last few weeks of her life in an amazing hospice. The hospice had been built in the SARS era so each patient’s room had a door to the outside. This enabled family members to still visit loved ones when viruses like SARS existed. Clever and thoughtful design came out of SARS. I am sure there are families reaping the benefit of this design in the COVID era.

I often wonder what the positive legacy of COVID-19 will be. What designs or ideas will surface in the years ahead. Will we realise not everyone has a smartphone and build apps and processes that work on feature phones? Will we realise not everyone has a device so our processes need to work for those without access? Will inclusivity by design finally become a standard? Will we realise all the data we collect is a liability not a benefit?

Or will things remain the same, go back to life before?

The choice is up to us. Each of us can contribute to a positive COVID effect. What will you do?

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better


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