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The real estate agent gave us 8 minutes before he started pushing us to for an answer. He seemed to forget this was the biggest purchase we’d make.

Most job interviews are scheduled for 50-60 minutes. And those doing the interview leave little time for questions and seem annoyed if you have more than one. Most interviews tend to be one way forgetting that there is at much at stake for both parties.

And yes, in both instances there is an expectation ‘homework’ has been done before the viewing or interview. But we forget homework often results in more questions. Or good homework does.

Therefore when the estate agent gives us more time and less pressure, we notice. When they sell not just the house, but the community, the area, we notice. When they give us information about the neighbours and area to take with us, we notice. Not information we could pull off the internet ourselves, but local information that shows they know the community, we notice. This is the insight of care and of local. We and the house cease to be a commodity. And we notice (and like) this.

When the interview becomes a discussion and information sharing session, we notice. We notice when those conducting the interview realise they are being ‘interviewed’ too, we notice. When the team the position is in comes along talking about what it’s like to work there, we notice. When they talk about themselves, about management styles, about the culture, and point to bodies of work, we notice. We notice because it’s rare. We notice because it communicates care and that it is a big decision that is being made.

The immediate neighbourhood in which we live and the team with whom we work significantly impacts our lives. People are not islands, we are more like ecosystems. Therefore when we seek to bring about change and forget about the context, we do ourselves and our idea a disservice.

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