Where’d the blue go?

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Change |

seeing what others see

“It’s a cloudless sky today, Dad!” My son was very excited to see the blue sky after a dreary, wet, cloudy few weeks.

My daughter opens the door on the other side of the house and said, ‘We need umbrellas today!’ as she stares at dark, foreboding rain clouds.

Both kids were correct. The doors out of which our kids looked framed their view. One side of the house had a cloudless sky, the other side, rain clouds.

My son reacted to my daughter umbrella comment by saying she was wrong. ‘Don’t be silly, we don’t need umbrellas in the sun.’ My daughter stood her ground. After a couple minutes of tension, my son walked across the room to her. Looking out her door, he said, ‘hey, where’d the blue go?’

Our experience of life, of change is framed by our worldview. And everyone’s is different. There is much value in trying to see someone else’s view. Therefore, as we seek to bring about change in organisations, we need to take time to look through as many ‘doors’ as possible ‘seeing’ what others do. When we do that, people are more likely to let us show them our view.

We can choose to insist everyone come to us or we can cross the room. the choice is up to us.

Photo by Rafael Garcin


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