Chasing Flies

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Change, ICT4D |

chasing flies

Moose, our ‘puppy’, chases flies in the morning. His ears perk up, head erect, and he is focused. So focused that he launches himself into doors, posts, cupboards. Sometimes he appears stunned looking at whatever object he hit with the look of ‘where’d you come from?’ I’m not sure he ever gets his fly, but it can be fun to watch. Until he breaks something or hurts himself.

We are often like Moose in our digital transformation efforts. We are so focused on the technology, we leap around crashing into things. Power, bias, oppression, abuse, people left out, injustice, inequality. We run into them and we appear stunned, wondering how that happened.

Focus is good and helpful at times. But so is the bigger picture. Digital transformation must never only about technology, it must be about a wider view. Digital transformation requires a systems approach – technology, humans, culture, and context.

Otherwise we’re just chasing flies.



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