Navigation requires wisdom

by | Aug 5, 2020 | ICT4D |

navigation requires wisdom

When a young child finds a sharp, pointy object, we take it off them because we sense it is dangerous. The potential for injury is viewed as high, therefore the object is removed. It is an easy link between the object and the danger.

When a child unlocks a phone or tablet, we don’t have the same reaction. While many of us recognise there is dangerous content on the internet, we react differently. The link between the object and the danger is complex, not easy.

The physical danger is more apparent. Mental and emotional danger is often masked.

We see this in many areas of our lives. However it doesn’t make the mental and emotional danger any less real. The requests for mental health support are exponentially increasing due to COVID. There are no simple solutions to it. The amount of children going online using devices without the safeguards schools usually have is also exponentially growing. There are no simple solutions to it.

Danger and opportunity are always intertwined. Both are seen and unseen. Navigation requires wisdom that comes from group discussion.

Photo by Alexander Andrews


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