Sculptors, Waves, and Culture Change

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Change |

Sculptors, Waves, and change

A sculptor chips away at a boulder creating the David. The ocean’s waves crash into a boulder carving a hole through it. Both end up with smooth results. Both are slow in their progress, one takes years to create, the other centuries. And both results are beautiful, but in very different ways.

Consistently showing up is critical for change. Not in a pestering way, but generously and graciously. Waves remind me of the power of consistent brute force. Wearing the rocks down. Sculptors show us the power of chiseling in the right place.

In the midst of consistently showing up, it can be hard to ‘see’ progress. It’s often only in stepping back that can see it.

Creating organisational culture change requires consistently showing up. It requires the consistency of the waves and the accuracy of a sculptor. And we need their tenacity.

We need sculptors and waves for culture change. What role do you play? Who are the others?

Photo by Steve Barker


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