The Infinite List

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infinite list

Peter reminds us that just because we can do something doesn’t mean we must. ‘Our time is finite while the list of things we “could” do is infinite.

Figuring out what we want to do can be much harder. Doing everything that we can do might be a form of hiding. We blame those things instead of doing the hard work of focusing on that which we want to do. Peter goes on to ask us to consider

  • What skills do I want to practice? 
  • What problems would I like to solve? 
  • Where do I enjoy spending energy?

When we choose to do these things it can be scary because we can’t blame someone else if things don’t work out. So, often, we don’t do them. It’s mostly fear, but it is also the challenge of focus. Focus is scary also because of FOMO.

And yet, there is magic that occurs when we do decide to choose to do them. When we enter into the world with intent and purpose.

What’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters


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