Two Mind Tricks

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mind tricks

Two thoughts today:

1. Today is day 707 of writing a blogpost everyday. It’s also day 85 of showing up in a writing community I’m a part of (it should be 119 but I missed day 28 or so). These streaks have little meaning to anyone else, but strangely are powerful for me. I don’t want to break them! So I keep going each day, writing.

Streaks can be both motivating and de-motivating. After 10 days or so I find myself not wanting to break them. However, when I do break them it can be hard to start again. Streaks can help us develop a habit. They can help us bring to life a desired future (ie. to be a writer). They can trick our mind into thinking they are somehow important to keep.

The other option of course is to just say you are a writer and write, not caring about streaks.

2. Our dog will growl at his reflection in the window thinking he is seeing another dog. When we open the door he runs out to find the other dog. When he doesn’t find the other, he looks at us confused and a bit sad. Back inside, with the door shut, he sees his reflection again and the growling restarts.

This pattern would go on all day if we were up for it.

We laugh about but I often wonder how much time in our own lives do we spend growling at reflections of ourselves. Growling at others that just aren’t there. Being anxious about imagined outcomes. Stressed by potential harm. Fearful of perceived competition. And even when we discover our fears were unfounded, that our mind was playing tricks on us, we very quickly go straight back to them.

Our mind plays tricks on us regularly. When we notice this we can use it to our benefit rather than be controlled by them. What tricks will you play today?

Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider


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