The Reset Routine

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Morning routines and rituals set us up for the day. Most of us have them in some form. For some it’s coffee, exercise, and the same food each day. For others it may be more stumbling out of bed into a shower. The variety is endless.

The same is often true for presentations, interviews, important meetings and so on. Again endless variety, but most of have a routine of sorts to get us into the right ‘headspace’.

And then we have days where things don’t go according to plan. When we’re ‘off our game’. When something happens and were not able to follow our routine and we feel lost. This could be sleeping in, having a sick child, spilling on your ‘go to outfit’, being stuck in traffic. It could be something big or something small that derails us. What it is doesn’t matter, it’s the derailment that matters.

Sometimes we don’t notice the derailment immediately, sometimes it builds. Usually it shows up in some expression of irritability or anger with ourselves and with others.

However, while many of us have a routine or go to things to help us get into ‘the zone’, most of us don’t have a reset routine. Something we do when we are derailed to reset our mind to recover the situation. We often try. But we often try to start again at the beginning of our ‘go to routine’ but it doesn’t work because we don’t have time. Or we can’t go back to bed.

We need the ’emergency reset routine’. Something short, able to do anywhere. Fast acting and powerful. Something that will stop us in our tracks and allow us to acknowledge the situation we are in and reset our approach to it. We reset our inner game, our mindset.

I know I could use a resent routine, but you could too?

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