The Glass is Refillable!

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Change |

the glass is refillable

You already know the choice: is it half-full, or half-empty? The breakthrough for me was someone telling me that, regardless, what mattered was the glass was refillable. We can do that every day if we wish. Reconnect to our optimism. Reconnect to our gratitude. Celebrate what’s working.

Michael Bungay Stanier

Now read that again slowly, pausing after ‘refillable’. Sit with that for a moment or two. And consider how that brings a third perspective to the conversation.

Seeing the glass as refillable moves us beyond the either/or debate into a new way of thinking. It shakes us up a bit as it is a bit of an unexpected jolt. It could even help move the debate into gratitude when we realise we have a glass and some water.

If we apply this thinking to either/or challenges in our organisational change or digital transformation work, what possibilities does it help us see? What does ‘refillable’ mean in your context? What’s the glass and water equivalent you can be thankful for?

How can we ‘see’ differently?

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