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“When had you hoped to reach that milestone?”

Milestones come in all shapes and sizes. Birthdays, tasks finished, races ran or won, chemo sessions completed, stakeholders on board, games played, products designed or delivered. The list is endless. It can be anything as it depends on you or your team. They can be finishing lines or markers along the way.

Sometimes we celebrate the milestone, other times we endure it. And sometimes we feel a bit of a let down after we achieve it. The expectations we had around it, the striving we did to reach it, leaves us expecting more.

Whatever they are, milestones are opportunities for a pause, a reflection moment. Not always at the exact moment, but still a moment to pause. If we let them, they can help us be grateful for, not only what we’ve done, but the others, the community, who have helped us along the way.

Milestones are important markers in change projects. Not only because they help us strive for progress or help us break the change into bite size pieces. These markers are reminders to be thankful.

And we need gratitude reminders more than ever at the moment. Change is never a one person job, it always is a community. Even personal change.

So who is in your community today?

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