7 Leadership Cs for Change

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Leadership is not a position. It is a role and a way of being in the world regardless of the position you hold. Change does not happen without leaders and leadership. Here are 7 leadership Cs needed for change.

Clarity of purpose and values. Leaders understand their why as Simon Sinek says. They don’t have it all ‘figured out’ but they know their why and their values. It drives them and they are able to communicate it.

Curiousity about the world, about people, about how things work. They ask a lot of questions and are present. It’s hard to be curious without being present. Curiousity also enables anticipation as it helps us connect the dots.

Creativity is critical for creating a new future, for creating change. Creativity is necessary for problem solving, for seeing differently. And for colouring inside and outside the lines. And we need it more than ever.

Courage enables us to move through uncertainty and complexity. It helps us to ‘feel’ the fear and shame, but take a step forward anyway. Courage is one of the most underrated skills a leader needs.

Care is a way of being and a way of seeing. Viewing our work and the change we seek to create through the lens of care moves us beyond compliance. Leadership is a careful practice, it’s full of empathy for the other, for those we lead. Leaders recognise that caring for their teams, the people they work with, is something they get to do not something they have to do.

Conversation is a core part of the work of a change maker and change leader. Leading change is about engagement with others, about empathy and listening. The art of conversation is a lost art, but change makers are bringing it back.

Coaching is something leaders seek out and provide. Coaching provide space for reflection, for seeking answers, and for working through our identity and how we show up. It is a state of continually learning, growing and listening. Change requires us to encourage others, to delegate to others, and to be our team’s biggest fan. And it requires action and for us to hold each other accountable.

What would you add?

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