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other people's stage

Pete Vargas has this idea of using other people’s ‘stages’ to help get your message out. This is one way he uses to build his brand and community. By other people’s stages, Pete means things like:

  • social media lives
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • youtube channels
  • courses
  • virtual events
  • and so on

While this might be useful for building your brand and sales, it can also help those of us working to bring about changes inside our organisations. If we take Pete’s idea and apply it internally the list could look like this:

  • presentations at other people’s meetings
  • joining other webinars
  • community of practices
  • courses
  • newsletters
  • and so on.

But here’s the thing. Getting on someone else’s ‘stage’ is one thing, adding value to the audience is very different. If we are on another person’s ‘stage’, we need to speak the language of the audience and add value to them where they are at. It is not just about you and the change you are trying to create. Why is the change you are creating going to improve their lives, help them meet their goals, and so on. How can you serve them? Once you’ve served them, they’ll be more open to the change you are seeking to bring about.

So who’s stage can you get on to help build the change you seek?

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