The Most Important Digital Transformation Issue

by | Oct 12, 2020 | ICT4D |

most important digital transformation issue

Here in the UK, when you go to a pub, restaurant, library, and many other places, you are required to leave some personal details. This all done in the name of ‘track and trace’ and fighting the pandemic. In some places it’s recorded digitally, while in others it’s paper based. The businesses collecting the data are to keep it for 21 days in case someone tests positive for COVID-19.

However, many of these businesses are struggling financially. And looking for new revenue streams. Unsurprisingly selling the data of those who visited their business is an option. This is unfortunate, but unsurprising in our world today. Personal data is valuable. And without good data governance in place, this type of behaviour will continue to occur.

Data governance may not bring us poster child or celebrity status, but it is the issue to address in all our digital transformation work. It’s hard to imagine more important work in our day.

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