Seasons give us perspective

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Change |


Seasons change. Here in the UK, autumn is setting in. We’ve had frost the last couple mornings and my morning routine now includes starting the fire. Morning walks are a little later as it takes longer for the sun to pop over the horizon. Depression and melancholy knock on the door more often now.

And yet, friends in the southern hemisphere talk of spring, days getting longer, and flowers colouring the earth once again. Moods lift and vigour returns.

Different rhythms, both changing and both are true.

And then there are those friends nearer to the equator. A completely different rhythm, perhaps a bit more constant, but changing to. Less determined by latitude, more by altitude. But changing too.

Latitude, altitude, and large bodies of water significant impact the weather we experience, the flowers we can grow, and our moods. And yet, we are all on the same planet.

The changing seasons are a good reminder that we all experience life differently. Our experience to change, to digital transformation will be different too. And there are microcosms in each location bringing nuance to the experience. There is beauty and insight in it all if we look for it, if we expect to find it.

Look for it today. In ALL places and people, not just the sunny ones.

Photo by Chris Lawton


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