Facilitation is not a Popularity Contest

by | Oct 24, 2020 | Change |


Facilitation doesn’t work if the facilitator wants to be liked. Good facilitators are secure in who they are. Confident in their role. They to be experts in the process, but incredibly focused on outcomes. And while they are central to the process, they are not centre stage. Like great design, they blend into the background.

But, good facilitation often results in more ‘conflict’ than less. This is because facilitation gives space for differing opinions. It draws out difference and helps others hear it.

However, facilitation in change making is not competitive and doesn’t spur on competition. In many ways, it’s the opposite. It must be connective and generative.

And yet, good facilitation is rare. It’s not seen as a skill. Leaders and managers are magically expected to be able to do it. But here’s the thing, facilitation is different than vision. Different than leadership. We confuse the two at our peril.

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