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It’s rare to be passionate about something we are not good at. We tend not to enjoy tasks, discussions, jobs, we continually fail at. And yet we expect passion to come first, expertise second.

We can have interest in a topic, a task. Interest is often needed. It can be the spark. But it doesn’t have to be. Interest can help get us started, can help get us over the hump of ‘being bad at something first’.

Underlying most of this is a decision. Sometimes conscious, but often unconscious. The decision to learn more about something. And as we learn more about it, we develop skills and knowledge about it. This doesn’t mean everything is smooth sailing, never failing from the beginning. No, learning involves not being good at something first and improving from there. Sometimes this is rapid, other times it is slower.

But, it’s in in the learning, in the developing expertise, that passion is planted and grows. As we spend more time learning about a subject, we give passion a chance to flourish.

Along side the decision is time. We tend to be passionate about things we spend time on. Seems obvious. And yet we keep asking for people’s passion. Perhaps we should be asking what they spend their time on.

And if you don’t have passion, perhaps pick something to learn.

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