Peace on Earth

by | Dec 25, 2020 | Ideas |

peace on earth

It’s different this year. And yet, many things remain the same. Peace may not mean getting what you want. Or getting others to do what you want. Peace might just be a whole lot more about loving yourself wholeheartedly, warts and all.

And listening to others. Not judging, retorting, trying to convert them to your way of thinking, but listening. With empathy. Hearing them, perhaps for the first time.

Everyone, ourselves included, want to be seen, be heard, understood, and appreciated. Peace on earth might just be a lot more about ‘seeing’ other people. Acknowledging their existence. I see you. You matter. Yes, you have fears, so do I and that’s ok. I see you.

Perhaps we can begin there. Offering ourselves and others dignity.

The gift of being seen.

Peace on earth. And even in ourselves.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema


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