What will you build?

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what will you build

In the post Christmas days, lego is all over our house. Hours are spent putting it together bringing with it the peace of children engrossed in a task. Lego comes in pieces with endless possibilities. However, some of the lego comes in specific sets with instructions of how to build the image on the box. Other boxes do not, leaving the building to the imagination.

However, even the ‘specific sets’ can be reimagined into new creations not on the cover of the box. One of the joys of lego is all its pieces – different shapes, sizes, and colours. And yet, all interchangeable. There isn’t a question if a lego piece will click into another. And this allows us to create infinite ideas. Of course, there are some ‘weird’ pieces. Pieces that don’t get used too often. While other pieces are used all the time. Foundation pieces. Pieces often hidden away in the final build.

And so it goes with organisations. They also come with endless possibilities. There are lots of different pieces which can be put together in many different ways. Sometimes there is a clear type of organisation we are creating and we can follow a guide book. While other times, it’s more imaginative.

Change makers tend to rearrange how the pieces of the organisation fit together. They know the different pieces have different roles. And they know often there are key parts which need to be built first, which may not be the most fun or interesting, but without them, the end result won’t stand.

So the question is, ‘what will you build?’

Photo by Kelly Sikkema


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