Utility and Perceived Value

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utility and perceived value

We have a large box of lego in the corner of the room. The number of pieces generally grows as we buy or are given more. However, there are some pieces that get hoovered up or eaten by the dog. If you would run a statistical analysis on piece usage you’d likely find some pieces having high usage . These would likely be the multiple use pieces like the ‘two-er’, the square four, the ‘eight-er’. Some single use pieces like a jail door would have very low usage, while other single use pieces like a wheel might also have high usage rates.

However, if you asked our kids which pieces were ‘high value’ or ‘cool’ it’s unlikely the ‘eight’er’ or square four would make the list. A wheel might. And highly likely the jail door would.

Utility value doesn’t correlate with ‘cool-ness’ value.

The same is true for technology. There are masses of technology that have high utility value because they a multiple purpose and foundational. But they have low ‘perceived value’ and ‘cool-ness’ value.

When you seek to bring about change being clear on which is which is important. Confusing the two will frustrate everyone.

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