Starting or Trying Again

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Starting again

It’s official. We’re a month into 2021. Some days it feels like it’s only about January 3 and other days I think it must be October already. But no, it’s simply the start of February. So how are your 2021 projects, plans, and goals coming along? Those personal projects, family plans, or work goals. If you are like most of humanity, most are behind or not yet started. And those ‘new year’s resolutions’ are a thing of distant memory.

Life’s like that.

But here’s the thing. February 1, March 1, July 1 or quite frankly, any day can be the day you start again. Or start for the first time. Change is hard. Keeping momentum is also hard. Habits and little goals are the way forward. Whether that’s simply getting outside, turning your phone off for one meal, continuing to engage in tough conversations or any conversation. Or sharing your work with a few others. The ‘thing’ doesn’t matter. We’re humanity so of course it will look different for each person. And neither does the day or the month. The important thing is to start. And start again tomorrow. And the day after that. The day after that.

12 months ago around this time, I had returned from a trip abroad. And I continued to travel in February 2020. And then in March it all stopped. Maybe the same is for you. The thing to remember is that an enormous amount has happened in past 12 months. And the same will be said 12 months from now.

Dates don’t matter. We celebrate birthdays every day of the year. Any day is good enough. Starting matters. For the first time, for the 3,245th time. Or trying again for 3rd time. Today is as good as any. And oh, that shaming yourself, beating yourself up, or blaming yourself or others for not starting or trying again yesterday or before? Not helpful. At all.

So what will you start today? Try again today?

The choice is up to you.

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