Blankets and Walls

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Change |

blankets and walls

Most nights before crawling into bed, I put a couple chairs by the door to the garden and drape a blanket over them. The blankets stop our dog from barking at his reflection in the glass of the door. In the morning when he wants to go outside he will stand a metre or so away from the blanket and give a little whine. Even though he could easily take down the blanket with one swipe of his paw, he doesn’t. He doesn’t even try. In his mind, the blanket is solid impenetrable wall.

How often are we like our dog when it comes to the barriers or ‘walls’ we face in our change processes? Do we test if the barrier we see is easily removable (a blanket) or something much more solid that we need to go around?

Photo by Dmitry Arslanov


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