Be more Tortoise

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Change |

be more tortoise

Becoming a more responsible organisation can feel daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible. Often that’s because it touches most areas of how an organisation operates. And also partly because there is no perfect. The goalposts keep moving as we learn new things about people, data, and technology.

That’s where 1% comes in. 1% better everyday. Don’t aim for being a completely different person today than yesterday. Not 100% better, not even 10%, just 1% better than yesterday. And then, if you do that everyday, a year from now you’ll be 40 times than you are today.

And now here’s another thing. Pick one thing. Not everything, just one thing. Focus on it. Maybe it’s data sharing, or perhaps minimisation, or awareness or the mosaic effect or something else. What it is doesn’t matter. Again there is no right answer. What matters is making a choice and sticking with it. And focusing on improving 1% every day.

One thing, one percent better. It’s much more achievable than everything all at once. Incremental change consistently is like the tortoise who beat the hare. Be more tortoise.

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