Getting the Balance Correct

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Change |


As we were getting things ready for the kids to go back to school after 11 weeks of being at home, I saw a news article that stopped me in my tracks. “The R number rose slightly this week” was the headline. In response to my sharing of the article, my wife said, ‘yes, but the NHS capacity has risen.’

One aspect of the management of COVID here in the UK has been balancing transmission rates and health system capacity. It obviously is much more complicated than this, but these two aspects have been critical factors.

And so it is with change, whether individual, team, or organisational change. We need to make judgement calls balancing the amount of change required with their capacity to change. And no, this doesn’t need to be done in a paternalistic manner, it can be done together with the person or team.

The key challenge in it all is to pick the right things to keep in balance. Getting it right creates a place to thrive and health.

What are you balancing?

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