The ‘Doing Block’

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doing block

A ‘Doing Block’ is similar to writers block. You stare at your to do list, you re-write it a few times, and then you sit staring at it. Choosing where to start feels overwhelming. ‘Thinking Blocks’ and ‘Idea Blocks’ are also similar. Starting seems impossible. Interestingly it is not because you can’t write, do, think, or have ideas. No, often there is that voice inside your head killing off ideas and decisions which would enable you to start. ‘That’s a dumb idea. No one wants to read about that. You can’t do that.’ And so on.

I know this to be true because it is my experience everyday.

You don’t run a marathon in one step. No, the first thing you need to is get out of bed – no stepping required. No gardener grows plants without killing some along the way or planting them in the ‘wrong’ spot. Heck, even the great Monty Don moves plants around in his garden. And yes, there are dumb ideas. Of course there are. Without them, there would be no good ideas.

But these ‘blocks’ are real. We all have them. No matter what line of work, hobbies, or life we lead. Part of what I’m learning from Seth, MBS, Sue, and many others is that we find our way to good ideas by meandering through a bunch of dumb ideas first. And the same is true about doing, thinking, writing and so on.

Starting is never perfect, but it’s the only way to get better.

The choice is up to us.

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